Increasing your Linkedin Exposure (10 Tips 10 Days Part 1)

Have you heard of a challenge called #10tips10days? If you’re on LinkedIn you’ve probably seen some of your connections participate. Maybe you’re participating (and in that case - high five!)

The challenge was created about a year ago to encourage LinkedIn users to share their expertise, and to get on video (which was still “new” at the time). Participants then “nominate a friend to do it as well (thanks Chantel Soumis). It was created by LinkedIn Influencers Lila Smith, Jake Jordan, Bobby Umar, and Kira Day.

I’ve been sharing some of my best tips in quick little videos (and to my surprise, lots of people are watching, commenting, and sharing!) I wanted to make sure I shared my tips with you too.

I’ve embedded all the videos here (from day 1 until day 6) so you can view them directly on this page. And if you don’t want to do that (or if you want to comment, share, etc) you can head over to my LinkedIn profile (see my recent posts here) and watch them there.

Happy watching :)

denise alison