3 Lessons I've Learned the Hard Way Since Last Year

I have a feature enabled on my Facebook profile, called “On this day”. Every day, it shows me all of the posts that I posted on that day the years before. If I posted something on this day in 2008, it shows me. It can be pretty fun to look back and see what you were up to on this day in time in years past. There are a lot of memories from my university days that bring a smile to my face. Or sometimes I have ZERO clue what I am going on about. But the reason I wanted to do this video is, last week, on my "On this day', I was reminded of the webinar I was doing at this time last year, and it reminded me of how far my business has come, and 3 important lessons I've learned since that first webinar!

1. Follow your passion

2. Be as SPECIFIC as possible

3. Learn from your mistakes and try again smarter!

denise alison