Ok but seriously, what do I post?

Creating your own content will set you apart from the masses!

There are way too many business owners out there who are simply sharing content or articles from other people or business. OR they share nothing.

One of the great things about sharing your own original content, is you are sharing your own voice. The unique voice of your business is an important piece of your brand personality. It helps attract people to who you are and what you stand for, and it also weeds out those who don’t. Which saves you from wasting time in the future.

You should be educating your audience on whatever it is you are offering them. Social media provides us with an amazing opportunity to share our message. Through your messages, you want to share your expertise, and position yourself on the authority in your industry.

You need to create content that is educational, entertaining, and provides value. You should be consistently creating this content and it should be the priority in your marketing.

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Don't waste time online! (OOuu, that rhymes!) What else shouldn't you be doing on social media? Small business owners spend countless hours promoting their business on social media trying to attract more customers. Unfortunately, too many are making mistakes that cost them time and money AND prevent them from converting followers into customers.

Putting lots of time and effort into Social Media, but not attracting new customers? Make sure you aren't making these mistakes!

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