Why you shouldn't do video

Just kidding. You ABSOLUTELY should be adding video to your social media strategy!!!

There are 2 major reasons.

1. Social media platforms give much more preference to video than any other type of content. That means that even if you are saying THE SAME THING, the video will get seen by more people.

2. Video catches the attention of your audience more. People spend more time watching videos than other types of content. You can also connect with your audience better through video!


Don't waste time online! (OOuu, that rhymes!) What else shouldn't you be doing on social media? Small business owners spend countless hours promoting their business on social media trying to attract more customers. Unfortunately, too many are making mistakes that cost them time and money AND prevent them from converting followers into customers.

Putting lots of time and effort into Social Media, but not attracting new customers? Make sure you aren't making these mistakes!


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