What do I post, how do I get more followers, and how often should I post?

As a branding, marketing, and social media expert, I always get asked tons of questions about social media and how to best make use of it. Some of the most powerful and important questions are along the lines of: what do I post, how do I get more followers, and how often should I post.

These are not easy questions to answer. The short answer would be: it depends. But honestly, there is no one answer for any of these questions, and it's usually a process that involves many variables. The answer always depends on you, your business, and your audience. But there are absolutely some common guidelines to follow. My answers in this video will get you started on the right foot!

Wondering what to post, how to get more followers, and how often to post? Watch the video :)


Small business owners spend countless hours promoting their business on social media in an attempt to attract more customers. Unfortunately, too many business owners are making mistakes that not only cost them time and money but also prevent them from converting followers into customers.

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