Yup. I am screwed!

Let me ask you...

What would happen if your main marketing platform disappeared overnight!? If Facebook shut down tomorrow, would you be screwed!? 

I always have students and clients asking things like, should I be on Instagram, should I be on LinkedIn, etc. The answer is YES! Yes yes yes! If only for the simple fact that you shouldn’t be putting all of your eggs in one basket! It’s always a good idea to be attracting customers in more than one way.

Watch the video to find out the difference between a "Yup. I am screwed!" moment and a "Nah, I'll be ok" moment!


Small business owners spend countless hours promoting their business on social media in an attempt to attract more customers. Unfortunately, too many business owners are making mistakes that not only cost them time and money but also prevent them from converting followers into customers.

Putting lots of time and effort into Social Media, but not attracting new customers? Make sure you aren't making these mistakes!

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denise alison