3 Ways to Boost Engagement through Relationship Building

Last week we talked about the algorithm, why it exists, how it affects you, and how to make it work in your favour. (You can check that out here). The main point that comes out when we talk about algorithms, is the importance of engagement.

If you don’t have engagement, you are sinking time and effort into social media that isn'T going to pay off.

So now that we know how important engagement is, the next question becomes, well, how do I get engagement?

Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, it’s not a simple answer. Boosting engagement requires a bunch of different things, not just one thing. If you google it, you’ll probably find a billion articles and lists ranging from 10 ways to increase engagement to 100 ways to increase engagement.

I’m going to just put this out there and say – the most important piece to boosting engagement, is relationship building. 

And then of course relationship building isn’t simple either, so today I’m going to share 3 of the most important aspects of relationship building.

denise alison