What the HECK is an Algorithm?

Ever notice the little notification on Facebook that tells you the « reach » of a post. And that this number says something like 38 people reached. But you have 100s of followers, so what gives?

On average, about 2% of your fans will see your post. Yes, that means if you have a 1000 Likes on your page, 20 people will see any particular post.

All social media platforms have an algorithm that determines who sees what. The algorithm is a secret formula that decides who will see your post, and how many people will see it. (They all follow a similar formula).

These social media platforms are businesses, so their ultimate goal is to make money. And the way they make money (the short story anyway) is people using their platforms, and spending time on their platforms. The more ppl and the more time spent, the better!

So the algorithm is there to control the user experience. FB and pals want their users to have the best experience possible so that they stay longer. People don’t constantly want to be sold to, so they limit the amount of business and sales posts that pop up in their newsfeeds. This means that not everyone sees your post, even if they’ve already LIKED your page.  


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denise alison