Why Social Media is a Bad Place for Selling!

It might seem odd for me to say this, considering my job is to help business owner marketing themselves through social media, but I promise I have my reasons.

I often hear people say something like: I’ve been putting all kinds of work into my social media. There has been a bit of buzz created and more people know about my business, but I’m not getting any new sales.

Well, silly, that’s what’s supposed to happen! Social media is a BAD place for selling. You can’t expect to sell things right off the bat! You need to build relationships first.

Imagine meeting someone at a party, and the second line out of their mouth is “Buy my thing!”. Wouldn’t that be super weird? You know nothing about this guy, or what he’s selling. You don’t know if you can trust him or if his product is legit! Well, the same is true online. You can’t be selling all the time. If most of your posts on social media are salesly or promotional: you’re doing it wrong.

denise alison