3 Tips to get started with live video

Live video has been a buzz topic for the past couple of years. When I first started seeing live videos pop into my newsfeed I was amazed, curious, and terrified. But now we’re all seeing tons of live videos appear in our newsfeeds, for all types of people from individuals to businesses.

I never pictured myself doing live video, let along teaching and entire series and a course on it. My first few experiences with video were, well, they were terrible.

But then, live video started to get popular, with periscope rising in popularity and Facebook live just being announced, I knew that it was a tool that could be a game changer.

And, long story short, I decided to go for it. I committed to delivering my content through live video. And it absolutely changed my business, it allowed me to grow my following, better connect with my audience, build real relationships, and attract new customers.

Still hesitant to give live video a go? Follow these 3 tips to make it easier!



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Jhunna Wilda