Am I ready to go live?

Recently someone asked me the question “Am I ready to go live?”

No one had ever specifically asked me that question before. And you might be thinking the exact same thing. From my point of view, yes, you are ready to go live! Why?

Because no one is ready to go live.

I really don’t think anyone is sitting around, super pumped about going live: about the uncertainty of what can happen live, about seeing their face and hearing their voice, or generally putting themselves out there. If you are one of those people, good for you. But I sense you are not.

Creating a Live Video Show comes with a certain learning curve. This means that no matter what you do, you will look back at your first few videos at some point down the line and think “what was I doing?”

I know I look back on some videos and think “why did I say that?” “Where am I looking” “Why was my skin so orange”.

I had no one helping me out when I started my live video show. Partly because it was a new concept, and partly because I was just messing around and trying things. But sometimes I wish I could go back and help myself along to get to creating great videos faster! Because there are certainly a few that have a certain “character” to them.

That’s why I created the Live Video Formula, to help other entrepreneurs avoid making the same mistakes I made and get them to great live videos faster! I want to help remove the “What was I thinking” aspect. Because honestly, I see many live video creators making simple mistakes that take away from their expertise. It doesn’t have to be that way!

As long as you are clear on what challenges you solve for your clients, and who you work with, then YES, you are ready to go live! Start off with a bang by joining the Live Video Formula! Details below.


You’re invited to The Live Video Formula!

Live Video receives 600% more engagement than other types of content and is watched for 3 times longer than other types of video! How is that for a return on investment!?

The Live Video Formula is for small business owners who want to increase their visibility online and attract more customers with an effective Live Video presence. The course is appropriate for both those who have never done live video and those who have dabbled in it but want to create a powerful live video strategy.

If you are ready to take action to improve your visibility, increase your engagement, and attract more loyal customers with live video, join me for The Live Video Formula! For more details CLICK HERE.

We start November 14th, 2018

Jhunna Wilda