An exciting announcement!

Dear amazing audience,

I have a special announcement for you. Drum roll please…

I am revealing to you my REBRAND

And this involves 3 things:

1. New branding

2. A brand new, gorgeous website,

3. A name change!

Let’s get to it!

 New Branding

This entire activity started because I felt that it was time to go through a branding activity. When I started my business, or whatever iteration I was on by that point, I never actually wen through the process of creating my visual brand or having a strategy.

Me existing logo of Stratigro was created by a friend of mine – who has a lot of design background and is a wonderful videographer and photographer, but all I had was a logo. And we all know a logo isn’t a brand.

I didn’t have fonts or colours or anything really.

And I took this, and I rolled with it and created things that I believed matched (but hey – I’m no graphic designer). And I took this all as far as I could on my own, but then last year, I decided that it was time to step that up and create a brand that wasn’t ad-hoc or various pieces tacked on to one another, but an entire brand strategy.

So who am I going to call upon other than Brand Strategist and biz bestie Brittany Pickrem.

We went through a few activities, including a questionnaire, looking at Pinterest images (totally a pro at that), looking at colours, and so on.

From that she created some 3 potential brand boards, and it was up to me to choose one that I felt best fit my personality and business.

I had 3 options, the first one was cheeky, fun, bright, and bold. And I think involved silly cats. The second was… dark and boring and border line corporate. And the 3rd was those pretty pastels, very in, and Instagrammable. But I ultimately decided that really wasn’t me.

I went with cheeky and fun! Yay!

In addition to the blue that you’ll often see in my stuff, we added bright pink and golden yellow as complimentary colours.

 The Website

I knew that when I was going through this branding activity that I was going to want to do a website makeover. The one I had up until now was created by me. At the time I felt I had done a pretty good job, but same as the brand, I wanted to professional to help me and really step it up.

Enter Crystal Picard.

We worked together on the content, the flow, what I wanted to share, who I target in my marketing, and all that. And she took the new branding and created something amazing!

The website looks so beautiful, has great copy and calls to action, and is very user friendly. Crystal did a great job of bringing the brand to life on the website, making it give off good vibes, and giving it the overall feeling of me.

You can see the new website at:

 The Name

The 3rd change is the name. Which feels like a significant change to me. I’ve spent the last few years giving life to the name Stratigro and it feels like it’s a part of me. But ultimately, I have decided to drop the name Stratigro.

For a few reasons.

Reason #1: No one can pronounce it. This isn’t great for branding or recognition.

Reason #2: I’ve outgrown it. When I first created that name, my business was much different. It’s done through to many lives to continue to take forward.

Reason #3: I’m the face of my business, and really, I felt like it made much more sense to go with that, instead of having to create awareness of both me and a business name. I am the business, people work with me, and I want to move forward full force with that and really own it.

You can now refer to me as: Denise Alison, Social Media Strategist!


See it all come together at (and share with your friends)

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