Creating Consistent Content

One of the most important, and most overlooked factors to growing your business with live video is CONSISTENCY. Attracting customers and growing your business is about building relationships, and just like any other relationship, you need to put in the time to nurture them.

In this week’s episode of The Art of Online Marketing I talk about the importance of consistency and why it’s important that you…

1. Are going Live on a regular basis, such as once a week, at the same time, and same place,

2. Stay on track with your messaging ad what your put out there in terms of your offers,

3. Set the bar for valuable content and continue to share valuable content.



Are you struggling to get your social media posts in front of your ideal customers? Algorithms are always changing (to the disadvantage of business owners) and reaching your audience seems to be getting more challenging by the day!

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In this 60 minute session you'll learn:

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