Do you believe in these social media tall tales?

Hear ye, hear ye! Today we are going to get to the bottom of some of the tall tales that have been spread throughout the social media land!

Tall Tale 1: You Need to Create ENTIRELY Different Content for Each Platform You Post On

A lot of marketers, social media people, and others who are generally in the social media marketing space propagate the tall tale that posting the same thing on 2 different platforms is a big no no and that new content needs to be created for each platform, or at least a different caption.

This is simply not true.

Why would you need to create entirely different content from one platform to another? From Facebook to LinkedIn for example?

To speak to a different audience?

No, your target audience stays constant no matter where you are posting, and the copy and content should be in line with that no matter where you post.

To better suit the tone of the platform?

No that’s silly, your voice is your voice, and your brand is your brand. You shouldn’t be changing it to “fit” into various spaces, whatever that means.

If you have created a great piece of content, don’t be afraid to cross post it.

But, this tall tale exists for a reason. Not all content can be shared seamlessly on all platforms. Each platform has different nuances and ways of working, so make sure it makes sense.

The most obvious example would be this:

When you post on Instagram, you have the option to share to various other platforms. Yay time saver, but it’s not always that simple.

If you’ve ever posted to twitter FROM Instagram, you<ll have noticed that what happens is it posts an Instagram link on Twitter. How many people do you think take the time to click on that? Probably none.

You could also share that to Facebook. It’s not AS awful as doing the twitter once because it actually shows as an image and post, but, some things don’t check out. If you tag people, that probably won’t cross over to FB and will look silly. And also, hashtags on Facebook are not widely and regularly used, and pulling 30 Instagram hashtags is going to look odd. In cases like this, take the time to make some edits.

Tall Tale 2: Content is EVERYTHING

How many times a week do you see the phrase “Content is King”? The tall tale here is that CONTENT is EVERYTHING.

For years many social media marketers have been pushing this idea, that you need to create tons of content, create great content and everything will take care of itself. Everyone basically needs to become a content writer and push out new content all the time. Nope.

Now, don’t get me wrong, creating great content is a huge part of a successful social media marketing strategy. And you do need this piece…

But it’s not everything.

If all you did was create content, post it, and leave, you wouldn’t get very far.

And that’s because we also need content creation’s sibling in our side: Engagement.

Engagement is as important as creating content. It’s what builds the relationships that lead to successful businesses.

So while you are posting content don’t forget to engage. Which doesn’t mean only to respond to those who comment on your posts, or only responding with a thank you, but actively taking the time to comment on the posts of other social media users. Real comments that show that you’ve taken to time to read of listen to what they say. Not “great” or a flames…

Tall Tale 3: Social Media Marketing is CONSTANTLY Changing

Here’s the thing, social media is constantly changing. With various platforms, new additions, algorithm changes, and what have you, it’s not a medium that stays constant.

But, social media marketing in itself, isn’t constantly changing. If you are following the fundamental principles of building relationships, connecting with people, sharing value, and establishing your authority, those things aren’t going to change.

If you are following “hacks” and easy ways to do this and that, well that is another story, but I’m sure none of you are doing that.

So yes, over time the way that you share some of that content and engage will evolve and shift. But you aren’t going to be doing different things every week to try to stay ahead. You will continue to create great content, engage with others, and build meaningful relationships.


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