Give potential customers a reason to follow you

“How do I get more Likes/Followers?”

I am willing to bet that that’s one of the most frequently asked questions of the decade.

Having a social media presence for your business has become a fundamental piece of your marketing collateral. Not having a presence on social media would be like not having a phone number.

To attract more followers, you need to give potential customers a reason to follow you beyond you wanting to sell to them. By asking them to like your page or follow your profile, that shouldn’t just be an invitation to promote to them.

What are some good reasons to follow you?

Sharing Valuable content

What value are you currently bringing your followers? One of the most effective ways to attract followers is by sharing value. Value means that you are helping your followers overcome some type of challenge. In my case I share social media tips and strategies to help you grow your business. If you are a naturopath, sharing advice on how to overcome common health struggles would be valuable, and if you are a vintage clothing market, then it might be sharing how to pair your pieces to make a perfect outfit.

At the end of the day the value is in the eye of your ideal customers. When in doubt, focus on them, not on your products.

Build relationships

People want to do business with people. Not businesses or logos. Our whole goal in life is to connect with others. Make an effort to connect with your audience on a real, authentic level. Give your audience something they can connect with, ask questions, and engage with them. By building relationships and encouraging conversations, you give your followers a reason to come back.

Business is based on relationships. For long term success you need to build relationships with your customers, future customers, and audience!

Beware of superficial tricks

Remember that when it comes to attracting followers, quality by far outweighs quantity. You are much better off having 500 followers who care about you, your business, and are potential customers than having 10K followers who don’t care and will never buy from you. I mean that’s assuming you want to run a profitable business and not just brag about followers and likes

There are lots of way to get new followers. The ones that feel like shortcuts probably are. Whenever someone recommends you take a certain approach to get followers always ask yourself: who will I attract when I do this? If the answer isn’t “my ideal customers” or some variation of that answer, STOP what you are doing immediately. Your future self will thank you.



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