Holiday Wrap 2018

Holy Cow! Can you believe that we are into the final week of 2018 before the holidays? Time passes by so quickly when you are having fun (and hard at work)!

This was a big year for me. I became a lot more focused when it comes to the type of clients I do my best work for and really doubled down on that.

There was also a lot of work travel to places like the Bahamas, Arizona, California, Toronto (Ok – maybe the last one is not so exciting, but I went at least 2 times in 2018).

I also launched my first online course, the Live Video Formula, which walks entrepreneurs through all the steps they need to create their very own live video show!

There were also some big developments in the world of social media, like the bomb FB dropped on us with the whole Facebook Apocalypse (which wasn’t as awful as some anticipated), and the release of IGTV.

Watch the video to see my “wrap up” of 2018!