How to be Confident on Live Video (Even if you’re an introvert)

I’ve been talking about Live Video for the better par of a year, and one of the objections that I often get is “I could never do Live Video. I’m an introvert”. I get it, because, I’m an introvert too!

Live video is similar to doing a talk or a presentation. How you present your content is just as, if not more important than the content itself. When you present your knowledge with confidence, you come off as a knowledgeable expert. If you are lacking confidence, your audience will question your expertise.

And, obviously, I want you to be confident while you are doing live video so that you can serve your audience and turn them into raving fans of your business!

But, if you are introverted, shy, or generally lacking confidence, you might think it’s a medium that will never work for you, and that my friends is NOT TRUE!

Here are my tips on How to be Confident on Live Video (Even if you’re an introvert)!

1. Plan

Now, the biggest fear for introverts, at least for me, is not knowing what to say. More thoughts are happening in your mind than are coming out of your mouth, and that’s ok. But that means that when you are speaking, either to one person, or a group, the bare minimum seems to be what comes out of your mouth because you feel like you are put on the spot. Then afterwards you have a ton of great ideas that you’re like – why didn’t I say that when I was asked…

When you are doing a Live Video, YOU ARE IN CONTROL. It’s not a conversation where the other person can ask any question in the world, and its not a presentation where audience members can ask questions you hadn’t thought about. You get to talk about exactly what you want.

The best way to get over that fear and make sure you are in control is by planning your content in advance. It helps you feel more confident, because you know what you are going to talk about, and that you are going to cover all of the important points!

2. Live Video Persona

One thing you might not know about me is I am a part time comedian. I am a member of a local improv group. I’m willing to bet you’ve watched some type of comedy, maybe a stand up comedian, or a sketch comedy show, or even an interview on a late night show.

One thing you’ll notice, especially during something scripted like stand up, is how big the character is. Comedians create Comic Personas for themselves – a distinct on stage personality. The persona is an amplified version of themselves. They do not act like a different person, they are just themselves, BUT BIGGER.

When I first started doing live video, I decided to create my own live video persona. I encourage you to

do it too. But, this doesn’t mean acting like someone else, in fact it’s incredibly important to be authentically you, but it means letting your personality out of the box and creating a character of yourself. Your content, how you speak, and how you look should all be in synergy with the live video person that you develop.

For me, it has basically become a habit. Before I click “go live,” I tell myself that I’m the version of me who LOVES being on live video! And guess what? It makes a big difference. And often I can see that difference in video views for when I’m feeling confident, and when I’m not feeling confident. When we’re doing something we love, we tend to smile a lot and project a lot of energy and enthusiasm. That’s me you see in all my videos, but with amplified characteristics. It’s easier than you think. You just need to make a conscious effort.

3. Practise!

And, unfortunately, you’re not going to get away without this one – practise! Going live can feel odd. And that’s because it’s not a natural thing - humans weren’t born with selfie sticks as arms!

Your live videos aren’t going to automatically be great. They most likely will start off crappy. And I don’t say that to turn you off from doing them or to scare you, its just that when it happens, I want you to know that it’s ok, it’s not just you.

I recommend that you start practising without even being live. Turn on the camera app on your phone, turn it to selfie mode, and start recording yourself. It will help you get over the initial weirdness of talking to your own face and seeing yourself on camera as you are talking, which can be a terrifying thing if you’re not used to it.

Give it a watch. Look for what can be improved – WITHOUT being overly critical. Do you say SO a lot, try to reduce that. Are you looking someplace weird, try to correct that. Then practice again.

And again, don’t dwell on this. Give yourself a few days of practise then go for it, and rest assured knowing that it will get better with time!

Happy Live Streaming!


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