How to get out of a content creation slump

Hello entrepreneurs! After a brief hiatus I am so thrilled to be back with the Art of Online Marketing! You might be wondering why there was a break after doing a live show consistently for years. And there are a few reasons!

Reason #1: I did a LinkedIn challenge, #10tips10days and all my energy went into creating those videos for a couple of weeks. My LinkedIn content gets much more reach and engagement than anywhere else (once I get access to LinkedIn Live, my live show will be migrating) so it made sense to double down on that.

Reason #2: I travelled to Toronto where I was part of Master Your Digital Reputation, an expert panel which also included Chantel Soumis, Julian Smit, Shelly Elsliger, and Tim Alison. I also attended the Women of Inspiration Awards Gala – and I won the Rural Leader Award!

Reason #3: I got married!

I would say that all of this makes for a good reason to take a few weeks off from the Live show/blog creation. However, with the long break, I’ve been finding it really hard to come up with good content ideas, and honestly, I’ve been in a bit of a content creation slump. So, let’s look at how to get OUT of a content creation slump.

Plan for it

Usually when I need to take time off from the show/blog I have a plan. I know that I am only taking 1-2 weeks off (normally for Christmas or a vacation or something along those lines). But this time was different. I just stopped doing the show (for reasons listed above) but didn’t set myself a timeline for when I would return with the show. Mistake? Yes. I also didn’t have a plan, content-wise for when I returned. I’ve been relying on my overstimulated, honeymoon state of mind brain to come up with fabulous ideas and that obviously has not been working.

This tip will of course not work for you if you are already in a slump. If you are, well realize that you’ve had a little blip, and move on. And if you are planning an extended break from your content creation – don’t make the same mistake as me: plan for your return with a date and a content outline!

Jump back in

I believe that the best way to get over anything is to force yourself to do it. That little sucker in your brain might say that you “can’t” (mine did), but I’ve also done hundreds of live shows so that is clearly a lie.

I announced to the world that I would get back to live videos this week – once in a LinkedIn video, and then when I scheduled this FB Live (side note – scheduling FB lives publicly has forced me to follow through on multiple occasions).

Pick something you can talk about that feels doable to get you started – it might be about your slump, something you learned, or what’s coming up in your business. Getting back into the routine will help your brain access the place where all the ideas come from and re-building the habit will make everything feel easier.

Get over it and forgive yourself

I let myself feel sorry about dropping the ball on content creation. Yes, I’ve put in tons of effort over the years and preached consistency and now it’s all gone into the toilet (says a part of my brain). Whatever, we all mess up sometimes, but the bigger mistake would be to say that everything is ruined and it’s not worth getting back to it.

Of course, it is. Am I going to not ever create content again? That would just be ridiculous. How many people have actually noticed the break (honestly probably not so many until this moment)? And it’s not because they don’t care, it’s that they care much less than you do.

So get over it, forgive yourself, and get back to it! It’s much better than giving up entirely.

denise alison