I don’t use social media because…

I don't like social media because...

This is the beginning of a sentence that I often get when I share with new friends that I am a social media strategist. Unsurprisingly, what comes next is some type of excuse, myth, or falsehood.

In this episode of the Art of Online Marketing I bust some of the biggest myths and limiting beliefs that hold successful entrepreneurs back from growing with social media.

It’s fake and I don’t make any real connections

Social media sometimes gets a bad rap for being fake, users only showing the highlight reel of their lives, and leading to all kinds of struggles like feelings of isolation, feelings of envy or jealousy, feeling left out, and even feeling depressed. And I get that, and I’m not saying that these things aren’t happening.

But some of these do depend on HOW you are using social media. If all you are doing is sitting back and watching other people live their lives, well of course you are going to feel less connected to them.

Social media also gives us an amazing opportunity to connect with others. We can connect with our existing and new friends more deeply because you know more about what they are up to. Social media also gives us access to messaging services like what’s app, messenger and various other messaging opportunities in each platform. This means we can chat with our friends who are anywhere in the world.

Social media is also an amazing tool in helping us connect with new people around the world, that we otherwise probably never would have met. For example, I have tons of friends and connections that I’ve met on social media through groups, friends of friends, hashtags, location tagging, and more, and the continuous connection on social media, seeing their updates, commenting on each other’s posts, it helps build relationships that without social media, wouldn’t exist.

You get what you put into social media. If you make real connections a focus of your time there, then you will build “real relationships”. What’s more is business is built on relationships, so often in that process you will grow your business. Because your new friend in Australia might have a client who needs exactly what you are offering, and because you’ve now built that relationship, she feels comfortable referring you.

I tried social media for my business, and it didn’t work

Social media is a long game. It’s not something you can try for a month, 2 months, or even 6 months and say “oh it didn’t work”. If you’ve tried already and weren’t successful in attracting new clients, there are 2 possible issues:

First is your strategy. Did you have a strategy first of all (because surprisingly most entrepreneurs don’t). What kind of content were you posting? Just the activity of posting is not going to attract more customers to you, you need to be strategic. Most of the issues that entrepreneurs have when posting to social media is they are too generic and aren’t crystal clear on what they do and who they serve, they are too salesly, they are not consistent with posting, and well all kinds of other things but those are the main issues.

The second issue is that you might not have given it enough time. The benefit of social media vs just calling someone up and asking for a sale is this: most people are not ready to buy from you at this point in time. Even if they are your ideal customer.

Time is an important element in social media marketing because it let’s the potential customers warm up to you, understand who you are and what you stand for, what you offer, and how you can help them. It also highlights the challenge that you solve for your customers and helps them see that they may struggle with that same challenge and need your services.

I don’t feel comfortable talking about myself all the time

Neither do I. If your social media content is just you talking about yourself, you are doing it wrong. And some people do, and that’s where this myth has come from. But through my observations, most entrepreneurs aren’t talking about themselves enough.

The purpose of social media is to build relationships and that know, like, and trust factor. Of course, we need to share some of ourselves to be able to make that happen.

But, that doesn’t need to be all of our content. Yes we want to infuse our personality in our content, but we need to share a mix of content to make best use of social media which yes, includes sharing about ourselves and our experiences, but also adding value with our unique perspective, sharing your expertise to educate your audience, making our clients the heroes of our stories, sharing how we help, and of course, another key element of creating a successful social media presence, engaging with others!

While you do need to talk about yourself and your story – because that’s how people will relate to you, it’s not the YOU-SHOW. It’s really not about you, that’s just the vehicle you are using to relate to and connect with others. It’s really about your audience, your clients, and how you can help them overcome their challenges. This is how you convert followers into loyal customers.

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