I Wish I’d done it sooner

Happy New Year!

Hope you had a fantastic Holiday, and are looking forward to 2019, I know I am!

This episode is inspired by the fact that every time I hire someone to help me with something in my business, my thought almost instantly becomes “I wish i’d done it sooner!

When there is something that I don’t like doing, really don’t have the time to do, or am just not good at it, it starts to get heavy and stressful. And extra stress is obviously not something that I want, and I assume that you do not either.

A few weeks ago, sometime during the holidays, I just exclaimed to Kiel “WE NEED TO HIRE A HOUSEKEEPER!” I like having a clean house, but I don’t necessarily like to clean. We both work full time and have other activities that we like to do. Meaning that we are essentially only keeping up with the bare minimum around here. We went forward and found someone to come in on a regular basis.

From the minute she stepped foot in my house, I could feel a huge weight being lifted off my shoulders! Something that was going to get done, that I didn’t need to worry about doing. OR worry about seeing dust bunnies floating along my hallway. I couldn’t help but think – I wish id done it sooner.

And then I realized, that every time I hire someone or outsource something, I get that same feeling.

Last year I hired a VA. It’s something I had wanted to do for awhile but was having trouble letting go of the reigns. Surprise! I like being in control of things. Even when its things that I am not necessarily good at or necessarily like doing. That just how it is, and I think a lot of entrepreneurs are like this. We’ve created this business, and its hard to imagine giving someone else responsibility for things inside of it. I think you know how that feels

But being able to take things off my plate is an amazing feeling! Things magically get done without me having to do them! It’s so worth it!

The first thing I ever outsourced was my bookkeeping. I muddled through doing my own bookkeeping for years! And basically my process was this – ignore all of my bills and receipts and such, and then when it was time to pay my quarterly HST, frantically try to get it all in, get confused when things didn’t add up, waste time trying to remember what went down those last 3 months, try to understand how much I owed, then I paid it, and vowed to keep up with my books better so that the same thing didn’t happen next time. And then next time came around and I did the exact same thing.

At a certain point, it became not worth it to do my own books. Because I had less and less time, and the time I wasted trying to sort things out would be better spent working on things that make money, so that I could hire someone to do it for me! Great decision. I wish I’d done it sooner!

I know how it feels to feel like you are the one responsible for everything in your business! But even if you are a business of 1, it doesn’t mean that you need to take care of every little detail. Your time is best spent in your zone of genius. And for me that means having the vision for my business, spending time with my clients, and creating strategies and content. Most other things can be taken care of by someone else – and that definitely something I will keep in mind this year and going forward.

So, if you hate bookkeeping; outsource it. If you don’t have time to create content for social media; outsource it! If you need help keeping up with daily tasks; hire a VA. You don’t need to go at it alone. Its your job to focus on the things you are great at!