The Low Down on Instagram Live: 5 Things you Should Know!

This week on The Art of Online Marketing I continue with the Instagram theme and chat about Instagram Live. Instagram live is AMAZING for all the same reasons why live video is amazing, including more visibility, more relationships building, and more engagement. It let’s you casually show up on the screens of your audience and gives them a better look into your life!

But, Instagram does have its own nuances and quirks that make it a bit different than other live platforms.

1. Behind the scenes content

This is one areas where I find there is a big difference between how brands use Instagram live and FB live. On FB, when you are scrolling through the newsfeed, you often see a lot of videos, like the one you are watching right now, where it’s a figure sharing informational content.

On Instagram, most of the lives you see are people giving you a behind the scenes look into their business or life. They might be at an event, they might be telling a story, they might be on location, or so on. It’s a lot of what you might call “life streams”.

There isn’t a lot of educational content, like the type you see on Facebook, what I like to call a “show”. Most are using it as a sneak peek.

Why? There could be a few reasons.

-  Instagram Live isn’t really big yet, so it could be that marketers haven’t hopped on and ruined it yet (Just Kidding!)

- The potential to reach people appears to be lower. You can’t share lives like you can in FB. The lives don’t show up in the newsfeed, it’s a lot more isolated. If you have a great live it may show up in the explore tab, but there is more of a disconnect…

2. You can’t go live through 3rd party software

Instagram is really picky about it’s API. The only way you can go live is on the Instagram app.

This means no fancy branding, no screen share or anything else you might add with software. It is truly meant for you to be off the cuff and on location.

3. However, adding a guest is super easy!

It’s built into the platform. You can invite a user to join you, or a user can request to join.

I once had a random person ask to join a live once. It was super weird. I didn’t know who they were even and thought I might end up with a chat roulette situation. But, the point is you can easily bring in guests on IG live

4. Limit of one hour while live

This is an area where each platform varies greatly! On Instagram, you can go live for up to one hour.

To give you an idea, on FB you can go live for 4 hours and Periscope doesn’t appear to have a limit.

5. The replay lives in stories for 24 hours

If you choose to save the broadcast, your Live will live in your story for 24 hours. Then disappear off the face of the planet. Instagram does archive your stories to use in your highlights if you wish to, but for some reason doesn’t save lives.

When Instagram live first rolled out, it was live only. Meaning, if you didn’t watch the video live, you didn’t watch it at all! This can create some urgency to make your audience watch. But apparently that wasn’t working out so great, so now you can save it to your story.

There is still some urgency because unlike FB, you can’t just be like, “oh I’ll watch it later”, because it does go away.



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