Instagram Stories (for Business!)

Instagram stories might seem like something that is for teens, but it’s also a great way to show some behind the scenes and moments in your business that you don’t necessarily want to live forever in your profile (or aesthetically don’t quite match). They can also help you show off your personality a bit more in a way that you might not be doing with your profile.

Another benefit is, drumroll please: it’s chronological!

Since 2016, Instagram’s newsfeed has not been chronological, it’s been determined by an algorithm. And well this happens because Instagram keeps growing and the volume of content does as well.

But stories are chronological. The latest story appears as the first bubble. So, it’s a great way to stay top of mind! Stories are also the first thing at the top of Instagram when you log in. Prime location.

IG Stories are popular! After just one year, Instagram reported it had 250 million daily users of Stories, versus 166 million for Snapchat. Businesses are using Stories to drive engagement: 1 in 5 stories posted by a business receives a direct message from a follower, and more than 50 percent of business accounts created a story in July 2017.

Create your story:

Click on your bubble on your home screen to add a story if you don’t have a current one if you do it will show you your existing story(ies). If you have an existing story, you can click the camera in the top left corner to create a new story.

Now here you take a pic or a video that you want to share for the next 24 hours. Both have a max of 15 seconds.

Then click (+ your story). And Congratulations, you’ve created an Instagram story! And again, click on your bubble to view your story and see how many people have seen it.

BUT. That was pretty anti-climatic. So, let’s look at how you can add some jazziness.


When you open your story camera, you have a sliding menu at the bottom that allows you to choose different formats.

Normal: regular photo or video. To take a picture click on the big circle or hold it to record a video of up to 15-seconds.

Boomerang: a looping video that plays forward and backward over and over again. You can only capture a few seconds, but if you time it right it can be lads of fun 😊

Superzoom: you have a few different zoom types. Dramatic, Bounce, Beats, TV show. You click on the music note to change it.

Rewind: Plays your video in reverse.

Hands free: another way to take a video but you don’t need to hold your finger down on the button to record. The camera rolls until you time out at 15 seconds (or stop it)

On the menu above that, you can choose a photo from your camera roll, turn flash on or off, flip the camera, and then here are your face filters. They are live – meaning you preview them here and need to choose before you take the photo.


Once you take a photo you can swipe through various filters here. Generally, they are just colour filters.


This is my favourite part of Instagram stories, the stickers, because of the interactive elements.

There are 3 sticker elements I want to direct your attention to: location, hashtag, and gifs. To get to stickers you click on this smiley post it guy.

HASHTAGS: these hashtags are searchable. You can use the hashtag stickers, you can do rainbow or white. Doing this allows you to show up in a search.

LOCATION: you can add locations to your story. Click on it and it searches near you. It lets you appear in the search/explore tab for more visibility.

GIFS: Instagram recently partnered with Giphy to give users the ability to use animated GIFs in their stories. Gifs give your story another dimension. One thing to keep in mind. Less is more. You don’t want 8000 stickers at once with hashtags and locations etc. But there are some options to help you stand out a bit 😊






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