SMMW19 Takeaways Part 1

Let’s talk Social Media Marketing World 2019.

If you’ve never been to SMMW, know that the sessions bring a ton of value! However, not all of them are created equal, some were fabulous, and others were…not.

Today I share me favourite 3 sessions with you.

Andrew and Pete gave the afternoon keynote on Day 2. I remember being so exhausted last year in this time slot that I didn’t couldn’t even tell you what the session was about. But these guys got my attention. They delivered their content in a clever, comical way, which I always appreciate. They also shared some ideas and insights that were actionable and apply to everyone. They talked about the 90:10 concept – focusing 90% of your attention on one thing, creating amazing content in one place, and not trying to do everything and it ending up being mediocre at best. What a great lesson to share – considering how much SMMW covers and the feeling it gives that we all need to be everywhere.

(Denise with Andrew and Pete, and the lovely garbage can display)

(Denise with Andrew and Pete, and the lovely garbage can display)

Amy Landino shared her Video Authority Formula. Anytime someone shares a process, it makes for a great presentation because it gives the audience something to execute. Even though the videos she talked about were pre-recorded videos, and generally YouTube oriented, I still appreciated the steps she shared, and her presentation style!

Goldie Chan, aka Rookie of the Year (according to me, Denise Alison). Goldie shared her story about how she became a LinkedIn superstar by posting a daily video (over 500 to date!), the power of LinkedIn Video, and some real strategies that entrepreneurs can implement to increase their LinkedIn presence.

One of my favourite things about Goldie is her Green Hair. Or should I say, what it symbolizes.

See, Goldie probably isn't what you would have imagined a couple of years ago when you heard the term LinkedIn influencer, but she didn't dilute herself to fit that mold, she leaned into who she is and changed our idea of what that looks like.

(Denise Alison with Goldie Chan)

(Denise Alison with Goldie Chan)

Watch the video for the rest of the story, and tune in to see parts 2 and 3!


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