How to Leverage IG Stories to Grow your Business!

Instagram Stories are a hot topic in the social media world. 200 Million Instagram Stories are watched daily. Everytime I turn around Instagram has added a new feature to make Stories even more fun and appealing to use.

A question that I’ve been getting a lot recently is “How can I leverage the power of Instagram Stories to grow my business?”

Most of us have seen IG Stories. Endless loops of people drinking their morning coffee, GIFs of dogs washing their hands, and celebrities sharing behind the scenes of their daily lives. But how does that help you as a business owner, and how can you hop on the trend and use the tools in Instagram Stories to better connect with your audience?

In this episode of the Art of Online Marketing I cover:

·         The importance of having a separate and distinct IG Stories Strategy;

·         Top posts that get the most engagement

·         IG Stories Rules

Watch now to learn more!


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Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform! Are you using it to grow your business?

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