Live Video Q&A

In this episode of the Art of Online Marketing, I answer your questions about live video! I always get tons of questions about live video whether I am conducting a workshop, delivering training, or working with my clients 1:1. Those questions are often what fuels the subject matter of my live shows, but sometimes the answer doesn’t need an entire episode to cover. Enter this Q&A session.

Watch the video and learn:

  • Is it necessary to wait for your audience to grow?

  • How do I structure my live show?

  • I see you and others schedule live – how do you do that?

  • What’s a premiere on Facebook?

  • Is it possible to use a Facebook live episode as the video in an ad?

  • How do you switch my live on and off neatly?

  • Can we re-use our live video in other places?

  • Why did you start going live?

  • Can you stream to Facebook and Instagram at the same time?



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