Maximize your Live Video MAGIC!

I love live video. But I don’t love it because like being or seeing myself on camera (quite the opposite actually). No, I love the results that live video get me. Live video helps me reach new followers, build a meaningful relationship with my audience, increase engagement, and more!

At this moment in time, live video is the most popular content format among social media users. That means that most people would rather watch video then other forms of content such as blog posts or other social posts. The reach, the level of engagement, and the time spent interacting with live video posts is also higher than any other type of format. The point is – people love watching live video.

However, all the benefits, which I call live video magic, are at their peak while you are LIVE!

This means that it’s to your benefit to get your audience to watch live. Those who watch live are more likely to engage, watch longer, and share with friends because it is in the moment.

How do you get more people to watch live? I share 3 suggestions in this video.


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denise alison