Please don’t do THIS on Live Video

By going live, you are opening yourself up to a little bit of risk. We might do something that isn’t “optimal” or that makes our videos less than they could be. And sometimes we make mistakes because we just don’t know or realize, and we learn from it. (I’ll be sharing some of those mistakes with those who signed up for this training.

But what I’m going to share with you in this video is more like: HOW COULD YOU THINK THAT WAS OK??

Eating Kraft Dinner while waiting for viewers

In case you’ve never gone live… Once you are done being “live”, your video is saved as a video on demand that you viewers can watch as they please. When they watch the replay, they watch from 0 seconds.

One time I stumbled upon a live video, it was the replay, and this is how it started:

“Hello everyone! We’re going live a little bit early today. Let’s just wait for everyone to join in”. Next that person proceeded to sit back and eat a bowl of Kraft Dinner!

Why would you eat Kraft Dinner on live video!?

It’s really important that you 1. Realize that the replay viewers watch your video from the beginning, and 2. That the majority of your viewers are actually going to be replay viewers. When you are doing your live, keep that in mind. Don’t only cater to your live viewers, or you will alienate the rest!

Going live in a bikini

A really cool thing about Live video is you can go live from anywhere and give your viewers a little sneak peek into your life. Even on vacation or while travelling.

But please, oh please, if you are a business coach, DO NOT GO LIVE IN A BIKINI.

There is nothing wrong with wearing a bikini. On the beach.

But in a live video? No. The only people who should be going live in a bikini are:

People who sell bikinis

Models who are going to be seen in a bikini

And, well, that’s about it.

The general rule for dress (and makeup) in a live video is to ask yourself this: would I wear this to a client meeting?

Would I wear a bikini to a client meeting? No. Never. Would I show up with my hair a mess and no makeup. Again, I wouldn’t.

Other various activities

I’ve seen some other odd things happen in live videos that you shouldn’t do including:

  •  Walking around you room looking for a hair elastic, then proceeding to do your hair while sharing business & branding advice (again, if you are a hair stylist, go ahead, otherwise, don’t!)

  • Going live while lying in bed or on a couch.

  • Driving while on live video.

The thing is, anyone who shares social media of live video advice is probably always telling you to be yourself, to be real, to be vulnerable. But let’s not cross that line of being your authentic self, into TMI.  


Live streaming has hit an all-time high! No surprise there considering that live video is the best way to increase your visibility, grow your audience, and make more sales. And of course some token stats:

Live Videos are watched for 3x LONGER than regular video
Live Videos receive 6x more engagement than other videos
And live videos receive 1200% more organic reach than other types of posts

However, you have probably noticed that most of the videos that pop up in your newsfeed SUCK! And videos that suck are going to negatively impact your business, repel those who may have been your dream customers, and be a colossal waste of time, energy, and money.

That is, of course, not the fate I want for you. Join me for this free online training and learn:

The hoax that is "Just Start";
The 3 mistakes that make live videos sucky (& what to do instead);
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