Prevent Social Media Marketing Overwhelm: 3 Tips

Last week I had the opportunity to spend the better part of the week with my fellow mastermind gals!

This was our bi-annual working retreat and the topic of the week was marketing.

Marketing is a topic that I know intimately. But, sitting in a room full of entrepreneurs who aren't so familiar with it gave me some fresh perspective, and I got to see where a lot of entrepreneurs struggle when it comes to marketing their business on social media. So, with that experience, I’ve come up with 3 tips to prevent Social Media Marketing Overwhelm:

1. Done is better than perfect

A huge mistake I see entrepreneurs make that really holds them back is trying to make everything perfect. They work for hours, weeks, or months on a piece of content. The issue that happens here is you spend all that time working to create one piece of “perfect content” but the rest of the time no new content is going out.

No matter what, your posts will not be perfect. Yeah you can make them really awesome and fantastic, but it will never be perfect for various reasons.

The important thing is to get content out there. Putting things out there will help you get are sense of what your ideal customers respond to or not. That's how you learn.

2. The importance of planning

Listen, there are way too many businesses out there who are just winging it when it comes to their marketing. They are like oh I haven’t posted anything in a few days, time to say something – but their posts aren’t in line with their goals or current initiatives.

In social media marketing you always have a 2-part goal: connect with your audience with valuable content and help them understand how you can help them with relevant calls to action.

Planning goes a long way in making sure what you are getting your message out there aren't that it's relevant to what you are currently offering.

3. Consistency trumps all

Marketing is about relationship building, and to do that you need to show up regularly. Which means sharing original content on a daily or almost daily basis.

A lot of entrepreneurs, women especially are afraid that they are “bothering people” You're not. Because of the algorithm an average of 2% of your followers will see your posts. Being so visible that you are bothering people is an issue that pretty much no one has. And if you are sharing valuable information, they will appreciate it!

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