Ready, Set, LIVE! What you Need Before Hitting the BIG RED Live Video Button!


Hello fellow (or aspiring) live video creator!

Applause for taking action on stepping up your live video presence in 2019!


Live video is my favourite way to share content with my audience. And honestly, it has helped me exponentially grow my business. How?

Well, live video gets 600% more engagement than other types of video (and let’s face it, video in itself gets more engagement than other types of posts). Live Video is watched for 3 times longer than pre-recorded video. AND Live videos have a 148% higher reach than any other form of content.

Not enough to convince you? The real reason why live video is so powerful is this:

It’s the closest you can get to face to face interaction.

Business has been built on relationships for thousands of years. That doesn’t go away because of social media. It just means that instead of building relationships on the golf course or over martinis, they are built online.

And live video gives you the advantage. Your audience can see and hear you, as well as the nuances such as the tone of your voice, your facial expressions, and your hand gestures. It helps you gain the ever coveted know, like, and trust factor faster than any other type of content.


Now how do you make sure that you are positioned to use live video to get more visibility, more leads, and more customers for your business? Read on!

Let’s grow your business with live video!

1. A theme

Before you go live, you will want to identify a theme for your show that you can speak on. The theme should be in line with what you help people with in your business. To choose your theme ask yourself: what am I an expert in? Or - What do I want my audience to see me as an expert in? This should help you choose your show theme.

For example, the theme of my show is social media marketing (with some shows on the broader topic of online marketing) but the point is, the show is for entrepreneurs who want to improve their social media marketing and learn new tips, tricks, and strategies.

2. A Big picture plan for your business

What should I talk about on my live show this week? This is a question that plagues entrepreneurs.

There’s no point in talking about random topics every week. The goal should be to get more eyes on your content, not create as much content as possible.

Look at the big picture for your business. What are the key initiatives this quarter? The issues and challenges you discuss should be in line with the initiatives and seasons of your business so that there is some cohesion to your content.

For example, if I am in a season of promoting my live video training, The Live Video Formula, the content I share will be on the topic of live video. At that point I am not going to talk about things like Facebook Ads, Instagram Strategies, or really anything that isn’t in line with live video.

3. Set up your tech

The technology of live video freaks a lot of people out and becomes a black hole of excuses for why they aren’t going live. But it’s one of the least important things, especially in the beginning. Before you go live, there are a few things that you absolutely need:

1. A strong internet connection (pay special attention to the upload speed)


2. A Laptop or Smartphone

Aside from that, everything is optional. A few things that can make a huge difference in how your videos look and sound are a mic, lighting, and an external webcam. When in doubt, keep it simple!

Tip: It’s always a good idea to close any unnecessary applications, or even give your laptop a restart before going live!

Create a Set Background     


What will be in the background of your video? If you are planning on creating a regular live show, you will want to set up a background that reinforces your business and brand, captures the attention of your audience, and is unique to you!

A few props can really go a long way in helping your videos look good (or bad!)

Creating your set background is a great opportunity to show off some of your personality, so feel free to use props that mean something to you. An office setting can work really well, or even a bookcase. Add in your brand colours, and any relevant props. For example, I have a bookcase with some props in blue. I also have and @ symbol in my brand colour.

Announce you’ll be going live

How do you get people to watch your live video? You need to tell them when you will be live! The more people who watch live the better. It gives you more people to engage with, and it tells the algorithm that people want to see your video, which will result in more reach.

Announcing when you’ll be going live does 2 things for you:

1. It builds anticipation from your audience, they will know to expect you live at that time, and it will increase the number of people who watch live;

2. If you are just getting started and are a bit hesitant about going live, announcing it forces you to ACTUALLY DO IT because you are now accountable.

You can schedule your video on Facebook and YouTube (or with any 3rd party software you might be using). Or you can simply publish a static post (on any platform) giving all the details of when you will be live.

Put together-ness

When you are on video, you want to look “put together”. I’ve seen people on both extremes. Some people are far too concerned with how they look, what their hair is doing, how their voice sounds on video, and that type of thing. This anxiety often keeps them from ever going live. But for the most part, no one is going to judge your video the same way you do or notice those little things.

However, you do want to come off as professional. That means that you really shouldn’t be doing your video with wet hair, in your pyjamas or in a bikini (unless, of course, you sell pyjamas or bikinis). Consider dressing how you’d dress if you were meeting with a client. And that is different for everyone.

Makeup? That’s up to you. I find I look washed out on video because I have lighting in my face, so I always wear makeup (and actually, I wear a touch more than I would wear out and about during the day). But it’s really about what feels comfortable to you!


Going live can be nerve wracking! I know, the first few times I did it I felt super weird about it. Turning that video camera on makes us nervous. It’s an odd experience because you aren’t even talking to people, you are talking to a little circle.

But, you are the expert in what you do, and you want to portray that with confidence! TRY to relax, have fun, and realize you are a big freakin’ deal!

It doesn’t matter if you mess up. That’s the great thing about live video. Your audience knows you are live, so they are much more forgiving. And any little mishaps make them love you even more, because they see that you are human – and that’s relatable!

By putting some planning into your show, and not worrying bout being in control of every little thing, you will come off as a confident expert!

A show sequence

One thing that will make your life easier, and your content more engaging is creating a show sequence template that you can follow every time you go live. This will be a time saver and help you focus on what matters – your content!

Come up with 3 to 5 main points that you want to talk about. Sandwich this between an introduction of who you are and what you are going to talk about at the beginning of the live. And, finish off with a recap, a call to action, and when they can catch you live again.

A call to action

When you create a live video, you amass all kinds of goodwill from your audience. This creates a perfect opportunity to leverage that goodwill by asking for next steps. For the longest time I didn’t include a call to action, and I’m sure I lost out on tons of leads. Always include a call to action, even if it’s simple.

Most likely you will want to send your audience to an opt-in page. But sometimes it can be as simple as asking them to share you video, or like you page.

A reason

Why are you going live? Having a clear answer to this question will help pull your through when you feel like you are in a slump.

Sometimes I think “Ack, I don’t feel like going live”. But then I think about all the visibility I will miss out on if I skip a week or two.

It’s ok if your reason *feels* selfish – growing your business, getting more visibility, attracting more customers. And it’s ok if it’s a bit more altruistic – to serve your audience. And really, it’s going to be a mix of various things. But think about that main reason that is going to keep you going week after week.

Bonus tip: Lock your cat in the bathroom

20181009_142120 (1).jpg

I learned this the hard way. My dog is pretty mellow and had never caused me any issues in relation to going live. However, last year we got a kitten, and she likes to rile up the dog and they chase each other back and forth. I never really thought much of how this would impact my live videos, but I found out pretty quickly.

There is a live video of me out there sharing information on live video, with a cat and dog running around the house, sounding like a stampede! So ever since then, whenever I am going to go live, I put the cat in the bathroom, or one of the bedrooms, and close the door. It ensures that I won’t have any cat stampedes going on in the background!


You have begun your live video journey and are now equipped with the tools you need to launch an effective live video presence that you’re your more visibility, leads and customers!

These 10 things are going to get you started with live video on the right foot. And by applying even just a few of these your live videos will run much more smoothly!

Denise :)

denise alison