Repurposing your Content: Get More Done in Less Time

For most entrepreneurs, creating content is not your favourite thing to do. It really feels like a chore that needs to be done, and unfortunately, most entrepreneurs don’t even have a plan or strategy.

This means that each day they wake up and are like – ok what do I post today, waste all kinds of time thinking about it, create it, then its lunchtime – not really, but you know what I mean.

But when we think about repurposing content, you are saving tons of time because you don’t need to recreate everything from scratch each day, and it will be easier to plan.

For this process, I am going to assume you have one larger piece of content that goes out every week. For me it’s this live video, for you it could be a blog, podcast, article, or anything else with some meat. I call this your anchor post. I am going to walk you through how I repurpose my live videos.

Create the written version/blog

The first thing I do after my live video is write the blog. This is basically the text version of the video.

A huge benefit of doing this is for SEO power. Google and friends are not so great at picking up the content inside of a video, but they are fab at capturing written text, so this goes a long way in that world.

The blog is also useful for those who do not want to watch the video for various reasons. It could be they prefer reading or maybe they are hearing impaired, or something else.

This written version goes onto my website under blog – paired with the actual video, which I’ll get to in a minute.

How do I write that? I don’t write it out word for word. Most of my videos are about 15 minutes and that would be incredible long and boring. Here’s what I do…

In the past I’ve mentioned how I create outlines for my live shows. These outlines include the 3 main topics I am going to talk about plus a few points about each of those. I take that outline, fill it out, and voila, there is all I need for the written aspect of my blog post.

I clean it all up grammar-wise and make it as concise as possible.

Extra bonus here. My website is under construction so last week I opted to share the blog as a LinkedIn article. I am going to continue to share it there and see how it goes. This gives you some added visibility on LinkedIn, so that is an additional option!

That part if good to go for the blog part of my website – but keep it close because we are coming back to it in a minute.

The Video

After I go live, I download the video from Facebook. I then post that entire video to YouTube, and then embed that on my website along with the written blog that I mentioned earlier. But other than that. I don’t re-use the entire video file.

What I do is create a few shorter videos out of the larger video. If I am talking about 3 main points, that video gets cut into 3 separate videos.

These videos primarily get posted on LinkedIn. Video on LinkedIn is performing super well, and a video that’s about 3 minutes is prime length to do well here. You can post a video up to 10 minutes, but those videos don’t tend to perform as well over on LinkedIn. I’ve been seeing some great response to these shorter videos.

Along with the video I share the bit of the blog that goes along with it. If the video is Point #1 then I add the text of point #1 as well to round out that post!

Then these go out 3 times a week on LinkedIn.

I haven’t tried posting them anywhere else yet. The live video already lives on Facebook, Instagram videos are 60 seconds or less in the newsfeed… Which brings me to #3

Static Posts

Video is amazing, but sometimes you gotta change it up! That’s why I also repurpose the video into static posts.

This means its an image or photo with written text.

So again, go back and grab the text from the blog, and chop it into 3 different pieces (the same pieces as the short videos). I use these for Instagram and for Facebook.

The way I’ve been doing them to this point is alternating between a headline on an image, and a photo of me. One post might be point 1 and a photo of me, point 2 and “build relationships” on an image, and so on.

For me, this was the best way to share that content on Instagram (without resorting to the witchcraft of making a video fit into IGTV.

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