How to Schedule a Live Video on Facebook

In this week’s video, I show you how to schedule a live video on Facebook!

Scheduling your live video on FB can be beneficial for a few reasons:

1.  You inform your audience that you will be going live

One of the best ways to make sure that your audience tunes in and watches your live video, is to make sure they are aware that you will be going live! Scheduling your live gives them that heads-up. Is will also convert the time zone so that there is no confusion about when to tune in!

2. Reminders

The notification that Facebook creates when you schedule a live video also gives your audience the opportunity to sign-up for reminders. These reminders will send notifications just before you go live to those who subscribed to make sure they don’t miss out!

Scheduling your post also enables a “pre-stream lobby”, where your audience an wait for the stream to begin.

3. You can share the stream where you will be live

The most beneficial aspect of scheduling a live video, is that the post that Facebook creates to notify your audience, is where you will actually appear LIVE in the date and time that you chose. That means that anyone who wants to see you live can go to that post and they will be able to watch you live from the beginning. You don’t need to create a new live, and your audience doesn’t miss out on the first couple of minutes trying to find the live stream.

You can take the link of the post and share it! Since this is where you will appear live, you can give your audience the exact link where you will be showing up live, instead of sharing the post after the fact.

Bonus: You can set up a bot

There are 2 ways that you can set up a bot in this situation.

The first, is sending a message to all your subscribers encouraging them to watch live. Now that you’ve scheduled the post you can share the EXACT LINK where they can watch!

The second is to set up a comment bot in relation to your call to action. When you do this, you choose a keyword that your audience needs to type in the comments, when they do that they will get an automated message sharing the offer you mentioned. You can only set up this type of bot on an existing post, so scheduling it gives you the ability to do that!

NOTE: While you can schedule your live directly from your page, you can’t actually stream to that post natively from Facebook. You need streaming software to allow you to do so.  

Watch the video to learn how to schedule your Live!


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