SMMW19 Recap Part 2: Forks and Dorks

A huge part of the value of attending #smmw19 are the connections and the conversations that happen outside of the “official sessions”. Yes, the sessions are fabulous, and they need to be, but I really advise just going for the sessions then going back to your hotel.

There are 3 categories of people that you will meet at SMMW:

1. Great speakers who will inspire you to move forward and accomplish your goals;

In Part 1 (can you link it) I talked about some of my favourite speakers at Social Media Marketing World 2019. SMMW attracts the best social media speakers in the world, because, well, it’s the top conference in the world on that topic!

So needless to say, they know their stuff! Mari Smith, Amy Porterfield, Mike Stelzner, Jon Loomer, Rick Mulready - those are the types of top names that you will see speaking at SMMW. They share with you what you need to know, what big changes in the industry, and what to pay attention to in the next year.

You may not get to hang out and chat with these people as much ad you’d like (because they are basically celebrities) but you can be inspired by their stories and learn so much from them.

2. Amazing people, who may or may not be speaking, who are on a similar journey as you and make great potential collaborators;

Collaborating with others is 1. Lots of fun, and 2. Can be a win-win situation if you work with the right people. And a lot of people at SMMW are open to (and actively seeking) collaboration opportunities.

I recently hosted the Video Marketing Summit for Entrepreneurs, and a lot of the guests were people that I met last year at SMMW, and I was lucky to have been able to catch up with them in person again this year (and give them a big thank you hug – which is extra special because I give them sparingly)

3. Your peers from around that world!

There are about 5000 attendees at this event, and the majority of them are social media marketers. It’s amazing to be surrounded by that many people who fully understand the challenges you face on a daily basis!

You get to meet up with existing friends and make new ones!

I love meeting my online friends in real life. It’s so surreal. You feel like you know them in a way, but maybe you’ve never met in person. Sometimes you are surprised by how they show up in real life! Shorter, taller, nicer, butthead-ier – I think I met people who covered all those!

The point is – there is value in the community – so make sure you take advantage while you are there!


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