Subtitles: How (and why) to add them to your videos

Let’s talk about Captions/subtitles! They are an important piece to add to your video. Why? Think about it. How often are you scrolling through your feed and can’t really turn on the sound. Maybe you are in line at the grocery store. Maybe you are at work or sitting in a presentation. Maybe you are pretending to listen to your fiancé tell you a boring story (that’s never happened to me, just sayin’).

In fact, only 15% of videos on social media are watched with the sound on. If you were writing a test and got 15%, how thrilled would you be? Not very.

This means we need to rethink how we share video. And I am going to share with you a few easy ways to add captions to your videos so that people stop scrolling and watch!

Free (but sometimes annoying) options

Let’s start with free options. Because I know costs add up for free can be great!

If you are doing edited, pre-recorded type of videos, I’d suggest looking into, It’s free to use, it auto-generates captions and even gives you some options in terms of how they ultimately look. It’s a pretty handy tool, especially if you are just starting out and want to give captions a try.

If you create live videos on Facebook, you can go into the video editing area and add captions. Again, FB will auto-generate captions based on what they think you said.

The downside of these 2 options – they never guess the words right. If you are super articulate and enunciate, you might get a higher percentage of words that are accurate, but there will always be weird phrases that pop up and you’re like – what the heck was it thinking???

I’ve also gotten lots of glitchy-ness in doing it right in the Facebook editor – sometimes it doesn’t save or add them, or other glitches, which is why a lot of my videos on fb don’t have captions, because I get frustrated and give up. Bad excuse – yes. Truth? Also yes.

Pay per minute

If you are the type of person who is like “I’d rather pay and save my sanity and time” excellent. There is a great option for you and that’s

You send your video clip and they will send you the captions back – its pretty quick – you’ll get it that day, and possibly 5 minutes later. And its something like 99.9% accurate

The downside here is you pay per minute - $1 USD per minute which sounds cheap, but if you make a lot of videos it adds up quickly.

Obviously if you have a higher budget, this is the way to go, but that’s not reality for most of us entrepreneurs.

Mid-range options

If you don’t want to put up with the annoyances of the free caption programs or pay $1 per minute. there are some that are an in-between options that work fairly well – the ones I am familiar with are Zubtitle and Quicc.

For these you are still paying per minute. But you are buying bulk minutes and its like $35 for 60 minutes of video that you use until the time runs out.

They are both pretty accurate, maybe 95%, so you don’t need to go through every single sentence to make sure that it’s ok and not saying an inappropriate comment that might make people stop liking you.

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