Super Bowl Ads vs Live Video

On Sunday, along with millions of others, I was watching the Super Bowl. Now, my level of caring about this game was low. I didn’t really care who won (though I was hoping not the patriots again). And I also don’t really know any of the Eagles players. My mind started wandering, and as I was watching the commercials I was thinking I wonder how much do these companies pay for Super Bowl ad space? 

The answer:  $5 MILLION DOLLARS! For 30 seconds.  

This opened a new train of thought for me: Is this why many small businesses don’t bother with marketing? Is it because they think doing anything to put themselves out there is going to be so expensive that it isn’t worth it? 

You don’t need to invest $5 million in advertising. That’s because Live video has forever changed the way that businesses market themselves. Live video is truly a disruptive technology that is changing the paradigm around marketing and advertising. It gives everyone the opportunity to share their message without the huge bill that comes with TV ads. 
In this video, I share 3 reasons why LIVE VIDEO can help you score, A TOUCHDOWN, in your business! (was that too corny?)  

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Jhunna Wilda