The 3-Part Formula to Video Marketing Success

If you’ve been using social media for awhile now (haven’t we all?), you will no doubt have noticed the increase in video content. And every time you log on you probably notice even more videos. It’s becoming pretty clear that the popularity of video on social is increasing every single day. But how can you take the popularity of video, and use it to your advantage while marketing your business on social media? In this episode of The Art of Online Marketing I share 3 important factors you need to know when it comes to video marketing:

1. Social Media users prefer video

2. Live Video increases your engagement and reach

3. Why Authenticity attracts loyal customers



Are you struggling to get your social media posts in front of your ideal customers? Algorithms are always changing (to the disadvantage of business owners) and reaching your audience seems to be getting more challenging by the day!

But, connecting with your audience on social media is still possible. And the best tool to accomplish that is Live Video! That's why I created this free training. Make your time spent on social media pay off!

In this free session you'll learn:

·         What factors determine how many and which users see your posts;

·         The benefits of adding Live Video to your social media marketing strategy;

·         How to get more visibility, engagement, and leads with Live Video!

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