The Most Important Social Media Post

If I visited your social media pages, would I know who is behind the business?

The big mistake that many entrepreneurs, personal brands, and thought leaders make is not making it clear on their social media pages who the person (or people) behind the business is.

But, your audience needs to know who they are interacting with if you ever hope to turn them into paying customers.

How will sharing more about yourself on social media help you?

1. People love seeing the faces of people they know

If you post an image with your face, the face of your employees, or anyone that your audience recognize it will get tons of engagement.

People stop scrolling when they see the face of someone they recognize. And in the world of social media, where getting people’s attention is your biggest challenge, that can be really useful to the growth of your business.

2. Your business goes beyond the actual product or service you offer

There are way too many pages out there that just keep pumping out posts of their product or service. Yes, we need to know what you can do for us and what you offer, but that should only be one part of the total package that you put out there.

Here’s the thing. You aren’t the only person who offers what you offer – you definitely have competition in one way or another. And to you, there might be a huge difference in what you offer, the results, the products, the process and so on, but in the eyes of your potential customers, they see that difference as clearly as you do.

You need to set yourself apart by helping your audience and your potential customers connect with you on another level. You need to build relationships with them through meaningful conversations, and let them get to know who you are, other than the tiny percentage that makes up what you sell.

People will always buy from the person they know. That’s how business goes.

3. People need to connect with you on a personal level

For thousands of years businesses have been built on relationships. People buy from the people they know, like and trust.

This hasn’t changed. Yes, it might feel like social media came in and changed the way the world works. But it hasn’t. It just amplifies everything. You can reach more people, you are in constant communication with them, and everything can happen faster, but these basic principles haven’t changed. People still buy from those they know, like and trust.

It’s important not to forget that even with social media, the basic rules of business still apply. You need to step out from behind your screen and connect with your audience as a person with something that can help your ideal customer solve their problem.


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