The True Power of sharing content through live video

For the last few weeks we’ve been talking about live video a lot. I’ve shared stats about live video – like live video gets 600% more engagement that other types of video. OR that the algorithm prefers live video and gives you 148% higher reach than other kinds of content.

Based on the numbers, it’s clear that live video has power.

But, those are just numbers. You don’t want to go live just to game to algorithm – because in reality, live video is such a powerful platform, I want you to truly understand what the benefits are.


Let’s take a big step back and look at business. What makes a successful business? Relationships. As much as we might want to believe it, people are not just going to fall out of the sky and want to work with us. People you know are going to want to work with you and do business with you – this goes back to the know, like, and trust concept. Then once you get rolling with that, they are going to share it with their friends, and their friends are going to share it, but it al starts with those relationships.

Ultimately your goal as a business owner it to build meaningful relationships with others.

And because live video is the closest thing to meeting with someone in person, it makes it a valuable tool. We can learn so much more about you on live video than any other type of format, which leads us to like and trust you faster.

Think about it – in a live video we can see your facial expressions, hear your tone, see your hand movements, and all the other things that don’t translate in text or even in audio.


Most of you are business owners who work closely with their clients through a service-based business. That means that choosing who you work with is important to your productivity, and sometimes sanity (been there, done that, and those are stories for another day).

But in most of these cases, the entrepreneur Is going to work with clients who they are in alignment with. And the same goes for the client. If they are hiring a business coach, life coach, brand designer, copywriter, personal trainer, or anything else along those lines, they are not choosing it based on “expertise” they are choosing based on alignment, how much they like that person, and a general sense of thinking – yes they get me.

Live video is great for this. Because it really lets you put your personality out there in a way that you can’t with other formats. You can be true to you – this helps you attract those who would be a great fit for you, and repel those who aren’t (which might sound scary at first but you don’t want to be working with those people).

For example – there have been times where I was looking for someone to help me with a specific challenge in my business – which in this case was creating a webinar system. I had 2 options. Ok well there were clearly more than that, but 2 options surfaced. They were both offering the same thing – to help me overcome a challenge by teaching me all the steps I needed to get this thing done. But both had very different teaching styles.

One had a pleasant teaching voice, a value of serving and teaching, and offering your audience value and what you promised, whether they buy from you or not.

The other I did not align with at all. I found the instructor pushy – bro-y, and altogether not a fit for me. That was not how I wanted to come off, so I wasn’t going to invest in something that was taught in that style. But that person is very famous and adored by many – so its an alignment thing.


Has this has ever happened to you? You meet someone with an interesting business, but its not something that you are looking to do now or on your radar. But then you keep in touch with that person, they are always floating around not too distant, and then a year or 2 later you decide to do business with them.

I can tell you, this has happened to me a few times. Because how often are we going to meet people who need exactly what we offer at that exact moment in time? I’ll tell you – 3% of the time. Which means 3 in 100. 3% of people are ready to buy now, the others need to be warmed up to it. They might be the perfect client for you, but not right now. You can’t just say “Hi, this is what I offer – oh you don’t want to buy from me? C-ya”. (I mean you CAN, but shouldn’t).

You want to: A build that relationship, and B continue to be present so that when the time comes you have built the relationship, offered value, shown you know your stuff, and all those great things so that this potential client wants to work with YOU! You want to be top of mind.

And, by creating a consistent live video presence where you provide value to your audience, position yourself as an expert, and engage with your future customers, you are positioning yourself to do just that – and often you are speeding up that process of helping your potential client see why they need your service.



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Jhunna Wilda