Tips for keeping your brand presence strong over a long summer!

For lots of businesses, summer can be a time when things tend to slow down a bit. Clients and partners are on vacation or just moving slower. There are less events going on, and your brain, if it’s like mine, might want to be on the beach.

But this doesn’t mean that you should put your business on pause for 2 months. (Please don’t!)

For me, this has been the busiest July in the history of my business. And its because I’ve been following the strategies I’m about to share here. Here are a few tips for you to keep your brand strong over a long summer.

1. Secure new clients before summer begins

This one requires a bit of planning, foresight, and if you haven’t done it already, there’s no going back to do it. But over the years I’ve learned that summer can be a hard time to get new clients, so I always put some extra resources into securing some new clients BEFORE July 1st. Summer can be a great time to work on projects and for many clients to do the working ON their business.

2. Attend networking events

Even though it can feel like there are less events going on, there still seems to be a lot of networking activities going on during the summer. Make a list of any you can find that are a right match for you and head out there. Your next client might just be a toast away!

3. Meet with supporters IRL

You might have referral partners, colleagues, former clients, and other people who its time to have a coffee chat with. You can learn what they are up to and fill them in on all the exciting things you’ve been working on. I find chats like these always brings some great energy, ideas, and you’ll both learn about a few new things from one another.

4. Continue with your social media marketing strategy

It might feel like there are less people paying attention to your social media in the summer – but its really important that you don’t take a 2-month break. Stick with it. This could be a great time to experiment with new ideas, be creative, and just have fun! If you are taking a vacation, feel free to take a break, but I’d recommend scheduling a few posts to keep things humming

5. Get stuff done

Maybe none of these really work and you are still sitting around twiddling your thumbs and unsure what to do. If things are still slow, take this uninterrupted time to work on big projects, plan for the fall, or get organized! Yeah it might be a bit sucky, but don’t sit on your butt watching Big Brother all summer just wasting time and waiting for Labour Day to roll around. Pick something that you’ve been meaning to do for awhile and get it done!

Bonus: Enjoy summer!

If you know that summer is a slow time for you, choose that time of year to plan a vacation, week(s) at the cottage or beach, or some pampering time. There is nothing wrong with that. All businesses ebb and flow and you’re better off accepting that and working with it, then trying to change things! Enjoy your summer!


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