What to do BEFORE you click GO LIVE!

Live video is an effective strategy to get more visibility, connect with your audience, and position yourself as an expert. However, when you go live, you are going to want to plan it out so that it will be the best that it can be. Today I am going to share some actions to take before you go live to make your live video a success!

Choose 3 Main Points

When you go live, you should prepare in advance what you are going to talk about. Once you come up with the main topic of theme of your video, choose 3 main points that you are going to share with your audience that fall under that theme.

Think of your live like a paper you might write in school. There is an introduction, the body, and the conclusion. In that body, you want 3 main things to share.

Announce when you’ll be going Live

I think that by now, many of us know that if you go live, there will be a replay that your audience can watch if they miss it. However, your live video will be much more successful and reach more people if you get more people watching and engaging while you are live!

Before you go live, announce it so that your potential audience knows to tune in live, or that they are aware of it so they can watch it later.

Get your gear set up

Before going Live, make sure that all of your equipment, tech, and extra tools are set up, tested, and ready to go! Here are the 3 things I do EVERY TIME before I go live.

·         Reboot my laptop so that it has the power to live stream;

·         Make sure my internet connection is stable;

·         Put my kitty in the bathroom.


Can’t wait to see you Live!


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