Why I love social media events

I recently attended Video Marketing World in Dallas. This was my first time attending this specific event, but I’ve attended a couple other social media related events and I always have lots of fun and get something out of it.

Why are these events so great? Continue reading to learn why!

Learn from the pros & get inspired

Big social media events attract the best of the best. The social media accounts will hundreds of thousands of followers, if not millions. To have that many fans, they must be doing something right.

These speakers not only share their stories of how they’ve done the things they’ve done, but they also share actionable tips and strategies on how we can accomplish such things as well (if they are a good speaker – which most are).

There’s always something to be learned in social media. Which changing algorithms, platform shifts, and all other things, it great to see what the experts have learned through experience and stay on top of what is working today.

I always get inspired by hearing their stories and take back a few tips to implement in my own social media strategy and to share with my clients.

Build community

This might be the best part of attending events and that’s meeting friends and building your community. There really is no replacement for meeting your online friends in person! Interacting through a screen isn’t really the same.

It’s so amazing to me that I am connected with people all around the world and at these events I get the opportunity to meet a lot of them, and meet new friends as well.

And this can build the foundation for a great friendship, a future collaboration, or a future working relationship. There are people I’ve met at events (After connecting with them online) and we’ve become great friends. And that’s amazing.

Note: Stay in your lane

One thing that I will caution you if you are attending a social media event is to stay in your lane! You are going to meet some amazing people who are doing some amazing things. And you might think – what a great idea, I should do that.


The risk we all run with the huge amount of social media options is spreading ourselves too thin and being really bad at lots of stuff.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t experiment, or that you can’t change things up. But just because someone is having a lot of success on Pinterest or Twitch or tik tok or some other platform you aren’t actively using, it doesn’t mean that you need to add this to what you are doing. Do 1 or 2 things REALLY well. This will get you a lot further than trying to do all of the things.

AND the strategies that the speakers share don’t necessarily work for everyone. Sometimes it’s a timing issue, a luck issue, a budget issue, a personality issue, or some other things that means that even if you do all the exact same things, you won’t see the same results.

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