Why you can (and should) create your own social media content

How do you feel about social media marketing? Often, I’ll meet an entrepreneur who wants to take social media marketing entirely off their desk, put it on someone else’s, and forget about it. But that’s not really how it works!

And let me also be transparent and add- that I do manager social media and create content for clients. But its’ always better when they give me something to work with, the more input they have, the better the content ends up being. But most entrepreneurs can and should create their own content.

YOU are the expert!

You are the expert in what you do, that’s why you do it. And a bit part of your goals with social media are to showcase that. But if you put that entirely on a social media manager plate, that expertise is not going to come through, and you will not be effective at positioning your expertise. Why? Because without your input, the social media manager is going to research the topic and post what they can – but they will never be an expert.

And guess what. This content is much less effective than original content that is coming directly from the expert. So, you might make some improvement in terms of posting more frequently and consistently, but that really doesn’t mean anything if the content isn’t GREAT!

You see, social media is about quality over quantity. You’d be much better off creating 3 amazing posts yourself then having someone create some so-so ones for you.

You have the passion and perspective

Are you passionate about what you do? I’m really hoping you answered yes, otherwise why do you do it?

That passion needs to come across in your content. It’s really hard for a social media manager or a copywriter to make that passion come across as well as you would.

The other VITAL factor here is perspective – yes you are an expert in your field, and that comes with a particular perspective on things in your industry. Ideas and topics you feel strongly about, and that is something that a social media manger cannot research or guess.

You need to thread that perspective through all of your content, so that your audience knows what you stand for. You need to draw your line in the sand when it comes to what you believe in and don’t. This helps those on your side of the fence feel more compelled towards you and you will capture their attention more then if you are wishy washy on your point of view.

Building relationships and sharing your voice

It’s very possible that I say this every week, but let’s say it again for those in the back. Social media is about building relationships. And to build meaningful relationships you need to be yourself and use your own voice. And to do that – you can’t make someone write it for you!

Do you see the disconnect there? This is especially important if you are a personal brand or solopreneur – which most of you watching are!

Basically, this would be the equivalent of when you were in junior high and you made your friend go talk to the boy you like and ash him if he wants to go out with you. Just super weird and awkward.

You are breaking that connection if you aren’t doing the communicating yourself.

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denise alison