client testimonials

Vera Saeme.jpg

Vera Saeme, Murray Manor Art & Culture House

"I have been wanting to thank you for the work you did for and with the Murray Manor Art & Culture House this summer. You opened my eyes to improve our presence on Social Media. I appreciated your directness and your professionalism. I hope we have the opportunity of working together in the future again."

Marcia Antle.jpg

Marcia Antle, The Painted Mango Decor Shop

"It was such a pleasure working with Denise....she is full of valuable information! Denise really helped me to get on track in regards to my FB page, and set up a schedule for me to follow. With her guidance I know my business will continue to grow. Keep up the great work!"


Susan Sweeney, Kustom Kleen

"The Social Media course presented by Denise was amazing. She has invaluable advice for people who want to set up and organize a facebook page to help promote their businesses. She was more than helpful and provided first hand assistance in navigating the world of social media."

Donna FRison Leblanc.jpg

Donna Frison LeBlanc, SmartInsurance

"Denise sure knows her stuff. I have learned a lot about social media in Denise's class like how businesses on social media should not try to sell to people on social media because social media is all about building relationships. I also learned about what type of material to post on social media, what generates the most followers on social media, how often to post etc. Every business trying to get noticed on social media should have a representative attend Denise's class! - plus I got to network with lots of other people that live or work in the same community and got to know their story and businesses too. Thanks Denise!"