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Reach more people, get more clients and make a bigger impact using the power of livestreams  

The Live Video Formula

The Live Video Formula is a 6-week, step-by-step online course to help you create, launch, and profit from your own livestream show (even if you’re just starting out, you’re afraid to be on camera, and technology gives you a headache).

The next session of The Live Video Formula Begins April 11th


You love owning your own business — and the freedom and impact that comes with it. After all, you’re here to leave a mark on the world, and you want it to be a big one.

There’s just one small problem.

When it comes to growing your audience and getting consistent dream clients, you’re a littttle bit stuck. You’re already running from meeting to meeting, answering emails, and working all the livelong day.

Sure, you know you could spend more time marketing yourself, but where are those hours going to come from? And how do you do it in a way that actually works?


It’s time for you to meet The Live Video Formula.

The Live Video Formula is a complete, proven roadmap any entrepreneur at any level can follow to confidently put out and profit from their own livestream show.


You’ll learn how to:

  • Architect the livestream show that educates, entertains and engages your dream clients

  • Create a profit-boosting asset that grows your audience consistently, week after week

  • Take your visibility to new heights as you get in front of more and more of your perfect people

  • Increase your sales WHILE you build lasting relationships with your audience

Take a peek inside the 6 core trainings:


Core Training 1: Start With A Bang

You’ll get a strategy for a successful live video presence, including a theme, a start date, and a step by step plan to get started with live video

Core Training 2: Livestream Script writing 101

You’ll receive a structure and script outline for your live videos to get maximum results

Core Training 3: Tech Tools Made Simple

You’ll receive checklist of all the equipment you need to start with live video, and suggestions to level up

Core Training 4: Content Made For Conversions

We’ll cover a content outline for your first 5 episodes

Core Training 5: Livestream Leverage

You’ll receive a step-by step guide to repurpose your live videos to reach more people in less time

Core Training 6: Profit Strategies That Work

Get your hands on the strategies you’ll use in the immediate, mid-term and long-term to monetize your Live Videos


The Live Video Formula is your answer to:

  • Increasing your visibility so your dream clients can find you and hire you

  • Knowing exactly what to say and how to say it to connect authentically with your audience

  • Build lasting relationships that lead to repeat sales — without ever feeling like a cheeseball

  • Positioning yourself as the go-to expert in your niche, so when anyone thinks about your industry, they think about you first (and your competition never)

  • Showing up consistently on social media — without overwhelming yourself in the process



Save by paying in full!

One payment of $447

Get flexible payment plan!

Two payments of $247


“Wow! A must-have for anyone who wants to go live!”

“I’ve been following Denise for awhile and I love the valuable information that she shares about how to improve your social media to attract more customers. Recently I had the opportunity to participate in The Live Video Formula. Wow! I had been going live for a while, but I wasn’t quite sure what I could do to make my lives really stand out. Denise covered everything that I needed to know including your show focus, the show structure, what equipment and software you can use to make your show even better, and, my favourite, how to ensure that your live videos are on brand. Definitely recommend to anyone who wants to go live!”

- Brittany Pickrem, Brand Expert & Designer

Brittany Pickrem

When you enroll in The Live Video Formula, you’ll receive:

  • 6 weekly live training modules that walk you step by step through creating, launching and profiting from your own livestream show (A $2799 value)

  • On-demand access to Denise by FB Messenger for 6 full weeks, so you can receive extra support whenever you have burning questions or big breakthroughs that need celebrating

  • Forever access to the training recordings so you can watch them again and again

  • Worksheets, templates, and checklists covering everything from equipment lists, video outlines, and how to create a content calendar. If it’s not in the Live Video Formula, you don’t need it ;)

  • The private Live Video Formula Facebook group where you can rub elbows with your fellow students, build a new network, and get your questions answered

Bonus #1: How to go Live on Instagram, a video training to covers the unique nuances of the platform so you can apply your newfound skills (A $297 Value)


Bonus #2: The Re-targeting with Facebook Ads Video training. This will help you transform your browsers into buyers and lost leads into future sales (A $247 Value)


Bonus #3: A private follow-up call with Denise to make sure you never get stuck or feel behind (A $297 Value)

The Live Video Formula gives you more than $3,500’s worth of value for only a fraction of that.


Save by paying in full!

One payment of $447

Get flexible payment plan!

Two payments of $247


“An easy to follow roadmap to go live!”

“Denise, I thoroughly enjoyed the Live Video Formula and learned quite a bit. Using Live Video will allow us to expand our reach with both businesses and individual customers! Laying out the structure of the "script" was extremely helpful! You provided an easy to follow road map and gave me the confidence I needed to go live! Thank you!”

- Heather Roberts - E by Design

Feeling risk-averse? These 3 guarantees have got your back.

Guarantee #1: The Live Video formula will work for you even if you’ve never done a livestream before.

Every business owner starts somewhere! And with The Live Video Formula, you’ll receive a step-by-step plan that will walk you through the entire livestreaming process.

Guarantee #2: The Live Video formula will work for you even if you’re afraid to be on camera.

I get it! I was so scared to be visible online that I deleted my very first livestream 15 minutes after I posted it! If there’s no proof, it never really happened, right? Since then, I’ve learned the tricks for getting over the on-camera jitters, and inside this program, I’ll show you how to do the same.

Guarantee #3: The Live Video formula will work for you even if you find technology overwhelming.

There’s no need to worry. This program teaches you how to start livestreaming using only your phone. Sure, if you want to upgrade to fancier equipment, you absolutely can (I’ll even show you my favorites). But if you can make a phone call, you can set up your own livestream. Promise.

Save by paying in full!

One payment of $447

Get The flexible payment plan!

Two payments of $247