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Speaker, Educator, Entertainer.


Denise Alison is a speaker with a gift for engagement. From years of experience with live video, she brings her passion for Social Media, her crackling sense of humour and—of course—breadth of knowledge on all things social media to the stage.

With social media changing faster than you can double tap on instagram, there are thousands of resources out there for your audience to learn the ropes themselves. Denise aims to cut out the trial and error, providing your event with insight and actionable steps that will leave every person with a sense of purpose at the end of her talks.

You can expect each presentation to be tweaked with your audience in mind, making sure to cover the information that will make the most impact for the level your attendees are at.

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Drinking Alone: Making social media social again


Social media has made business easier in many ways, but it has also cut down on the amount of face-to-face networking.

In Denise’s talk ‘Drinking Alone: Making social media social again’, your audience will be treated to a deep dive into strategies that bring traditional networking into the online space.

All talks are customized to your audience, however a range of subjects covered in this keynote are:

  • Using social media for conversation

  • Avoiding broadcasting on your social media

  • Creating real relationships in the online space

  • Holding natural conversations online

  • Using your time on social media to cultivate an interest in what you do

  • Engaging effectively with content online

  • Translating traditional tactics to the online space

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the lines between personal and professional life

Many people ask me ‘Should I have a personal account and a business account?’ —and the answer is almost always no. This talk is built for business owners who are the face and voice of their company.

If your audience is looking to understand the benefits to bringing their personality into their social media presence and how to avoid unrelatable or innappropriate content, this is the talk for you.

In this talk, we will cover a range of topics custom to your audience, including:

  • How to develop relatable content

  • Injecting your personality into your business profile

  • Curating content to be interesting while also building leads for your business

  • How to create an engaged audience

  • Avoiding pitfalls like broadcasting or sales pitch fatigue on your online presence

  • How much personal life to share on their profiles

  • How to take pitfalls and translate them into learning moments online

  • and more

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the power of showing up as your true self on social


Most people think social media marketing is for solo entrepreneurs and startups.

However, there is power in using social media to advance in your corporate position as well.

In Denise’s talk ‘Be-You-Tiful: the power of showing up as your true self on social’, your audience will learn the benefits of using social media marketing to advance their careers.

There is a wide range of topics for this talk available, not limited to:

  • How to avoid looking like a robot on social media

  • Building a personal brand to support your corporate ambitions

  • The pitfalls of social media in relation to your day job

  • Modern networking techniques for social media

  • Using personal projects and online presence to create opportunities in your career path

  • and more


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